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Newport is one of New England's most historic seaports, offering a wide array of extracurricular activities: sailing, music and food festivals, turn of the century mansions and a bustling downtown area, all just minutes from the Naval War College. Within a four hour drive – or a train ride – International Officers can visit Maine’s rugged coast and deep forests, the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, Boston and New York City.

Combination covers representative of several international navies and coast guards sit on display at NWC's 14th Regional Alumni Symposium held at the Peruvian Naval Academy in LaPunta-Callao, Peru.

International Programs

After graduation, NWC continues to strengthen friendship and cooperation by sponsoring periodic alumni regional symposia to further promote multilateral relationships, cooperation and exchange of ideas and to give Navy regional commanders a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with these distinguished military leaders.

Field Studies Program

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Alumni Newsletters and Professional Writing

International Programs publishes alumni newsletters and professional writing which rounds out a robust engagement program designed to further develop the professional relationships formed in Newport to enhance trust and confidence and promote continuing cooperation. For more publications please visit our Publications section.

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Events & Gatherings

The program aims to create professional and personal ties that will allow close collaboration among professional colleagues to prevent war and, if conflict comes, to work together to gain a decisive victory. Both international colleges have wardrooms to facilitate informal personal exchanges, and both hold class meetings throughout the year.

Many events are organized by the international colleges’ staffs to familiarize the students and their families with aspects of customs and culture in the United States. In addition, international students are encouraged to sponsor cultural events that showcase their nations’ culture, traditions, food, and dress. The President, Provost, Dean of Students, and Dean of International Programs participate in many of these cultural and social events. The international colleges encourage an informal, voluntary program of “in home entertaining,” wherein intermediate international officers invite their classmates and families to their homes to share a bit of their country’s food, culture, history, and hospitality in a relaxed setting.

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Health Services

Medical and Dental care particulars are contained in the “Health Services” section. Please read these carefully.

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International Programs Department

International Programs at Naval War College directly support the development of robust global maritime partnerships. We emphasize the “Newport Connection” to enhance trust and confidence and also promote cooperation among partner nations. World events confirm the value of developing and maintaining such friendships.

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International Community

International students are also introduced to the concept of community service, through interaction with local organizations and clubs. Luncheons, dinners, or presentations are hosted by the Navy League of the United States chapters in Newport, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Phoenix. Local clubs, including the Lions Club, the Dunes Club, and the Quindecim Club, host functions for international officers and their spouses to familiarize them with Americans and American life.

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