Joint Land, Air, Sea Strategic-Special Program

The Joint Land, Air, Sea Strategic-Special Program (JLASS-SP) is an Advanced Research Program (ARP) that builds on the core curriculum of the College of Naval Warfare and further develops theater strategic planning skills, notably how the military, politics, economics, and culture in the Indo-Pacific Theater affect U.S. interests and objectives.

Joint Land, Air, Sea Strategic-Special Program

About this Program

The JLASS-SP Program is a Theater Strategic Planning Elective, focused on The Indo-Pacific Theater. Students will develop an understanding of the strategic issues affecting security in the Indo-Pacific Theater. This understanding facilitates regional planning where students will produce a theater estimate and develop security cooperation concepts as members of a United States Indo-Pacific Command planning staff.

Program Curriculum

This 10-month specialized program of study is completed in conjunction with the U.S. Naval War College, College of Naval Warfare senior level course curriculum.

This program is a series of two electives conducted during the elective time slot in the fall and winter trimesters. It culminates with a collaborative execution phase at Maxwell Air Force Base during the spring trimester.

Students that complete this specialized program of study are award an Academic Qualification Designator (AQD 247).

Signing Up

Interested students apply for consideration and are selected by the Mahan Scholars director based on aptitude, interest, and skillsets required by the Mahan Scholars program. There are only a selected number of graduating students each term.

For more information on the Joint Land, Air, Sea Strategic-Special Program, contact or (401) 856-5439. Students may sign up for this group during the ARP fair at the beginning of their first trimester.