Greater Middle East Studies Group

The Naval War College Greater Middle East studies program offers multiple courses that span the regions’ topographical and human geography to address the cultural, religious, and ethnic landscape of the many diverse nation-states that span the region.

Greater Middle East Studies Group

About The Greater Middle East Group

Collectively, the Greater Middle East studies program emphasizes ethnic-based insurgent warfare, patterns of terrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction proliferation challenges through various levels of analysis. Additionally, the program of studies considers the post-conflict challenges of liberalization and potential for democratization, alongside various modes of state-building and governance.

With this academic exposure and insight developed over a course of study, students are able to better comprehend the core issues as well as the nuances of this vast and complex region, and continue to develop their expertise in the national interests and military capabilities of major states in the region, U.S. interests, and the convergence as well as potential collision of varied interpretations and perceptions.

This in turn enables students to proceed to future assignments of greater complexity and responsibility, to consider complex challenges, recommend policies and potential course of action, as well as consider the impact and future of forward basing.