Greater Middle East Studies Group

Study groups at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) help to promote and exchange major research and educational relationships with counterpart institutions around the world. The Greater Middle East Studies Group (GME RSG) is comprised of civilian and military experts, whose academic research interests, operational experience, and professional careers focus on the strategic challenges to this region.

Director, Dr. Heidi E. Lane

About this Study Group

The aim of the group is to provide the professional and intellectual capital of the NWC faculty and student body with curricular excellence, programmatic relevance, and community and international outreach on the critical region and nations of the Greater Middle East.

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Dr. Heidi E. Lane is an associate professor in the Strategy and Policy department and the director of the Greater Middle East Research Study Group at NWC. For more information, please visit her online profile.

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Group Research and Engagement

The GME RSG works closely with the resident electives programs to ensure that resident midgrade and senior military officers are offered a robust and cutting-edge elective curriculum through classroom instruction, independent research, and opportunities for engagement with the greater Middle East region.

In cooperation with the other regional study groups, the GME RSG facilitates conferences, lectures, and workshops throughout the year that link our faculty and students with other communities of scholars and professionals outside the college in both government agencies and academic institutions. The group has previously engaged with the Watson Center for International Studies at Brown University, Harvard University’s Belfer Center, and the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University.

The GME RSG has been instrumental in providing lectures of opportunity, faculty funding, professional development opportunities, and workshops and conferences on strategic challenges within the region.

Signing Up

Only NWC community members can elect to join several groups with the approval of the individual program director. Please note, this group is not open to the general public.

To request more information or to sign up for Greater Middle East Studies Group, please email Dr. Lane at