Holloway Group

The Holloway Group is an Advanced Research Program (ARP) that conducts detailed studies of high-intensity conventional conflict, focusing on Russian maritime and multi-domain warfighting. It is a collaborative student-faculty research effort that utilizes military operations research, free-play wargaming, and open-source Russian-language research. It is housed within the Russia Maritime Studies Institute.

About this Program

The Holloway Group at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) is a part-time student elective program that students take for three trimesters. Working closely with NWC faculty, the joint U.S. students conduct data collection, wargaming, research, and analysis on specific scenario-based problems. Scenarios involve a variety of access denial challenges and joint maritime conflict, all enabled by sophisticated military technology. The group maintains direct contact with the full range of relevant intelligence and operational commands to ensure project currency and to provide feedback to these commands.

Research and Study

Students in this program will examine Russian and U.S. weapons systems, doctrines, and warfighting capabilities in all domains. They will focus on adversary military capabilities, maritime and naval doctrine, and strategy.

Program Curriculum

This 10-month specialized program of study is completed in conjunction with either the NWC U.S. resident College of Naval Warfare senior level or the College of Naval Command and Staff intermediate-level core curriculum.

This program is conducted during the elective time slot in all trimesters. During the academic year, students are required to complete well-researched papers that inform operational planning and joint force organization at the theater level.

U.S. Navy students who complete this specialized program of study are awarded an Additional Qualification Designation (AQD 278) for the Holloway Group.

Signing Up

Students who apply are chosen after meeting with Holloway faculty. This program is selective and competitive; applicants are selected based on proven performance, desire, and the skillsets required by the Holloway program.

For more information on the Holloway ARP, contact Holloway_Director@usnwc.edu or (401) 856-6030. Students may sign up for this group during ARP fair at the beginning of each trimester.