Joint Military Operations Department

The Joint Military Operations (JMO) curriculum at Naval War College prepares future military and civilian leaders for high-level policy, command, and staff positions. Our coursework focuses on joint warfighting and theater-strategic and operational levels of war.

Joint Military Operations Department

A Foundation of Operational Art

The in-depth and interactive JMO program focuses on applying operational art, planning, and critical thinking skills to achieve strategic national and military objectives in peace and war.

The course is designed to examine these areas from the perspectives of a combatant commander and a joint task force commander. More specifically, you’ll be challenged to answer key questions about ends, ways, means, and risks from a joint leadership standpoint.

Coursework: What to Expect

The resident JMO course is comprised of four segments:

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Each new segment builds upon the previous, moving from the simple to the complex. Introductory sessions pave the way for seminar discussions, which will focus on real-world case studies. You can expect to complete readings, contribute to conversations, write a research paper, and participate in a capstone planning exercise that synthesizes what you’ve learned.

Goals & Objectives

Upon completion of the Joint Military Operations course of study, the student shall be:

  • Proficient in applying operational art to joint warfighting and the joint planning processes
  • Competent in planning campaigns and operations that integrate and leverage military and nonmilitary capabilities
  • Informed and effective joint and maritime advocates; strategically-minded leaders capable of critical thinking
  • Skilled in aligning and maximizing capabilities across components, services, agencies, and international forces
  • Imbued with a joint perspective; fluent in joint concepts, doctrine, systems, languages and processes

Joint Military Operations Resident Courses

JMO coursework is found in several NWC resident programs, including offerings from the College of Naval Warfare, the Naval Command College, the College of Naval Command and Staff, and the Naval Staff College.

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