Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute

The U.S. Navy must operate in cyberspace. Threats in this domain require innovative solutions, and any modern theory of victory requires effective cyber operations and strategy. Our research creates new knowledge about cybersecurity and military innovation to help shape the future of the Navy, joint force, and National policy.

About the Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute

The Adm. James R. Hogg Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute (CIPI) is part of the Strategic and Operational Research Department in the Center for Naval Warfare Studies. We are the premier hub for cyber operations and strategy research at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC).

Through active engagement with NWC scholars and partners around the world, we conduct high quality research and analysis to help senior leaders advance cybersecurity and innovation policy.

For more about us and our work, follow us on Twitter @NWC_CIPI.

Our History

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CIPI Research

Cyberspace touches virtually every feature of operational and strategic significance to the Navy and the Nation. Given the broad scope of this domain, our research and analysis are interdisciplinary, connecting several different areas of expertise: military and civilian, social and technical, open-source and classified, scholarly and policy.

Cyber Wargaming

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Cybersecurity Organizations & Practices

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Technology Innovation & Great Power Competition

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Reports & Studies

Our research publications help inform the Navy, the national security community, and scholarship on international relations.

CIPI Cyber Primer for DoD Cover Report
CIPI Cyber Primer for DoD (January 2021)

Cyberspace is more than merely an “enabler.” It’s essential. U.S. military operations in physical domains—land, sea, air, and space—increasingly depend on the cyber domain of networked information communication technology for command and control. So do other joint functions such as intelligence, fires, movement and maneuver, protection, and sustainment.

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Defend Forward Report Cover
Defend Forward: Critical Infrastructure War Game 2019

This report summarizes a two-day wargame held in July 2019, where leaders from the finance and energy sectors worked with cyber practitioners to conduct an unclassified wargame. This event explored potential approaches for implementing cyber strategies along with challenges and opportunities moving forward.

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Navy-Private Sector Critical Infrastructure Report Cover
Navy-Private Sector Critical Infrastructure War Game 2017

This two-day event took place in July 2017. It was designed to answer several related research questions: when do cyber-attacks reach the level of a national security incident, when should the DoD be involved, and in what capacity? This report summarizes some of the targets considered, potential effects created by cyberattacks, and how the actor responded to these attacks.

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Our experienced faculty assist in teaching joint professional military education by working with students on electives, advanced research programs, and the core curriculum. To learn more, please visit the online directory.

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