Europe-Russia Studies Group

Study groups at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) help to promote and exchange major research and educational relationships with counterpart institutions around the world. The Europe-Russia Studies Group (ERSG) comprises faculty and students with an interest in Europe, Russia, and the Caucasus.

About this Study Group

The ERSG addresses the geopolitical area of Europe, Russia, and the Caucasus, focusing on issues of transatlantic interest in the political, economic, and security spheres.

In order to stimulate the exchange of applied learning and knowledge and bring educational value to the NWC faculty and students, the ERSG utilizes subject matter experts, guest speakers, and colloquia capable of addressing economic, political and security issues related to European and Russian institutions, governments, trends, and processes. In additional, it also sponsors research and conference travel.

A primary focus of the group has been on establishing and developing a curriculum of regionally focused elective courses that address the history, economics, and politics of the region, including coverage of NATO and the European Union. The ERSG has sponsored lectures from nationally renowned experts on Russia, NATO, and the European Union and taken a leading role in NATO’s Partnership for Peace Program to improve the Professional Military Education of Azerbaijan.

The affiliated Russia Maritime Studies Institute (RMSI) is a major provider of academic and analytical support for the U.S. European Command’s theater combatant commander. In addition to the RMSI’s focused research on naval and maritime questions, the ERSG provides a venue for general discussion of Russia-related issues.

Signing Up

Only NWC community members can elect to join several groups with the approval of the individual program director. Please note, this group is not open to the general public.

To request more information or to sign up for Europe-Russia Studies Group, please email Dr. Stone at