China Maritime Studies Institute

China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) scholars perform academic research from Chinese language sources to develop deeper insight into key aspects of China’s growing maritime power. Research is published to inform the U.S. Navy and engage the nation; CMSI faculty also advise current leaders and educate the Navy’s next generation.

Director, China Maritime Studies Institute

About China Maritime Studies Institute

The Center for Naval Warfare Studies, as part of the U.S. Naval War College (NWC), provides a broad-based education as well as research and analysis to support several hundred students a year and inform the larger Department of the Navy senior leadership. Our CMSI combines significant linguistic and technological resources with a close proximity to many of the United States’ leading academic institutions, creating relationships with unrivaled intellectual synergies.

In seeking to more fully understand the complexities of China’s emerging role in Asia-Pacific, CMSI continues to seek expanded collaborative relationships with government research centers, civilian academic institutions, and other relevant organizations. These partnerships facilitate research on China’s development as a maritime power.

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China Maritime Studies Red Book

China Maritime Studies Number 16: Chinese Nationalism and the “Gray Zone”

The China Maritime Studies are extended research projects that the editor, the Dean of Naval Warfare Studies, and the President of the Naval War College consider of particular interest to policy makers, scholars, and analysts.

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CMSI China Maritime Reports

China Maritime Reports are short papers exploring topics of current interest, published at the direction of the CMSI Director.

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China Maritime Studies Institute Conferences

These conferences serve to stimulate focused research and foster dialogue among Chinese and American specialists resulting in enhanced understanding and continued productive research and analysis on focus areas. Although short in duration, the CMSI conferences provide a lasting impact on research that informs leaders and policy makers.

2021 CMSI Conference: Large-Scale Amphibious Warfare in Chinese Military Strategy

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2019 CMSI Conference: Going Global?

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See China Maritime Studies Institute Faculty

Our experienced and renowned faculty have years of earned expertise across a wide range of naval and educational topics. To learn more, please use the link below to access the online directory.

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