Halsey Bravo Group

The Halsey Bravo Group is an Advanced Research Program (ARP) that examines potential military challenges within the Middle East. This faculty-student collaborative group uses iterative, ongoing wargaming and operational analysis as its primary methodology.

About this Program

The Halsey Bravo Group at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) is a student elective program that works closely with NWC faculty to analyze a variety of Middle Eastern maritime conflict scenarios.

Research and Study

Students in this program will examine a broad set of real-world operational challenges in the Central Command Area of Responsibility. Projects involve extensive individual and group research along with modeling, visits with theater and agency experts, simulations, and interactive wargaming.

Program Curriculum

This 10-month specialized program of study is completed in conjunction with either the NWC U.S. resident College of Naval Warfare senior level course (SLC) or the College of Naval Command and Staff intermediate-level course (ILC) core curriculum. The program culminates in a well-researched, faculty-mentored professional paper for each term, which matches the core or elective requirement.

This program is conducted during the elective time slot in all trimesters. SLC students will have one core course replaced with the full-time graded ARP course. ILC students are full-time during the Spring trimester and will meet all Joint Professional Military Education requirements in lieu of the graded Joint Military Operations core course.

Navy students that complete this specialized program of study are awarded an Academic Qualification Designator (AQD 272).

Signing Up

Students who apply are selected by the Halsey Bravo faculty based on proven performance, desire, and the skillsets required by the research program. Students will have the opportunity to discuss their potential participation in Halsey Bravo as part of the indoctrination process.

For more information on The Halsey Bravo Group, contact HalseyB_Director@usnwc.edu or (401) 856-6025. Students may interview and apply for this group during the ARP fair at the beginning of each trimester.