Upon arrival, our security office located at the NWC quarterdeck will be one of your first stops for initial access and badging requirements.

U.S. Naval War College Security

The following requirements are needed to obtain an NWC badge. Badges will not be given without the proper clearance information. Please note the information provided:

Please check in with the NWC Security Office Quarterdeck prior to checking in with the Dean of Students Office.

Air Force
Please provide a copy of your orders and a copy of any changes made to those orders when checking into the NWC Security Office.

Please check into the NWC Security Office with your Personnel Records Jacket (201 File) and original title DD 873.

The Marine Detachment Administration is located in Beirut Memorial Hall, Building 1112, Naval Station Newport.

Coast Guard
Fax information/clearance requirements or have your organization send your clearance information or a visit request on agency letterhead prior to your arrival.

Please have your organization send your clearance information on agency letterhead prior to your arrival. For genser clearances forward via JPAS with SMO code 001244 or fax to 401-841-3004.

For All Students

The requirement for NWC students in terms of security access is SECRET. This requires a current NAC, NACI, SBI, or SSBI. If you do not have one or yours is outdated, you will need to initiate the paperwork prior to arrival at the Naval War College.

Questions regarding SCI access should be directed to the NWC Special Security Officer.

Military students do not require a SCI transfer in status (TIS).

Civilian and USCG students, if you are SCI-eligible please have your SSO forward your clearance information via JPAS to SMO code N001243 or via SCI message traffic to NAVWARCOL.

NWC Special Security Officer

DSN: 841-6488/2449
Office: 401-841-6488/2449

For further information contact NWC Security Office

DSN: 841-2528
Office: 401-841-2528