Student Support

Student support can mean assistance with your writing, your research, or your course work, but it can also mean help getting settled into a new environment. The U.S. Naval War College offers students options for a variety of needs.

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Providing Student Support

Each student in the resident course is issued books, readings, iPads and course materials at no cost (iPads and nearly all materials must be returned at the end of the course). Additionally, there is a online support component via Blackboard as well as the use of the library and Writing Center. Student Common Access Card readers are available so that students can also access the Naval War College website from home.

The U.S. Naval War College is part of Naval Station Newport in Newport, Rhode Island. Military students and their families benefit from the multifaceted services a naval station offers to the military community: cafés, supply stores, dry cleaners, fitness center, credit union, post office, chapel, and more.

Campus Life at NWC