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Research Centers

U.S. Naval War College (NWC) is home to various specialized research centers, each dedicated to a geographic region or a specific warfare concern—from the Arctic to the internet. The Center for Naval Warfare Studies supports Naval War College’s commitment to fostering critical and innovative thinking on the ever-evolving operational challenges of the Navy.

Research Centers at U.S. Naval War College

Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups

From colonial wars to transnational criminal activities, irregular warfare is broad in scope and an ever-present challenge in the 21st century. This institute promotes and supports research and teaching of unconventional conflicts and armed groups.

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China Maritime Studies Institute

Established in 2006, this institute studies China’s rapid commercial and maritime development. Research topics include shipbuilding, global commerce, law of the sea, and naval diplomacy.

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Cyber and Innovation Policy Institute

Protecting our nation is not just about traditional threats and battlefield weapons. Challenges also lurk in cyberspace, including surveillance programs and wide-scale disruptions to government and corporations. This center advances and promotes research, education, and analysis in the evolving field of digital defense.

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Institute for Future Warfare Studies

Launched in early 2017, the Institute for Future Warfare Studies focuses on the long-term needs of the Navy and national security. The center’s innovative, timely research and analysis will help leadership anticipate operational and strategic challenges.

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John B. Hattendorf Center for Maritime Historical Research

Global maritime history—both during times of war and peace—is a foundation of the NWC curriculum. The Maritime History Center performs the task of conducting original historical research of interest to contemporary practitioners, strategic thinkers, and the American public to inform the future military policy of the United States into the 21st century and beyond.

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Russia Maritime Studies Institute

Over the last decade, it’s become vital for the U.S. Navy and its partners to better understand the strategic and operational factors that shape Russia’s approach to maritime issues. In response to this demand, NWC launched this institute in 2016.

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Stockton Center for International Law

The Stockton Center is dedicated to answering the most vexing questions related to international law and military operations on land, at sea, and in aero- and cyberspace. Its original, cutting-edge analysis informs military leaders and legal practitioners.

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