Oceanography and Maritime Security Studies Group

Study groups at the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) help to promote and exchange major research and educational relationships with counterpart institutions around the world. The Oceanography & Maritime Security Group (OMSG) includes world-renowned experts, scholars, researchers, industry leaders, as well as interested NWC faculty and students.

Director, Professor Kathleen Walsh

About this Study Group

The OMSG focuses on the nexus of ocean science, technology and research with maritime security issues around the globe but primarily centered on the Indo-Pacific region, particularly China.

Related issues include research on the Blue Economy, BlueTech industry, and Blue Growth; oceanography and related ocean science, technology, and research matters; as well as naval and maritime security issues, including legal, diplomatic, economic and all security-related dimensions.

In addition to the OMSG’s research on technology and maritime issues, the OMSG provides a venue to host talks (including the Blue Economy Lecture Series) exploring additional areas of maritime research.

Signing Up

NWC community members can elect to join this group or with the approval of the individual program director, the group also includes experts from outside the NWC community. Please note, this group is not open to the general public except where invited by the OMSG moderator, Professor Kathleen (Kate) Walsh.

To request more information or to sign up for the Oceanography & Maritime Security Studies Group please email Professor Walsh directly at OMS.Studies@usnwc.edu.