The Dean of Students is responsible for the general welfare of all U.S. students in residence. While the Dean of Students, service advisors, and directors of the international colleges provide professional and personal counseling on an open-door, “drop in anytime” basis, faculty seminar moderators meet students regularly during classroom sessions and scheduled tutorials. Thus, they are often best able to identify students with academic or personal problems and refer them to the appropriate channel for assistance. Military faculty members take the lead in this area, as counseling is an inherent part of military leadership.

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Balancing the many opportunities of life in the greater Newport area with the rigorous requirements of the academic program at the Naval War College (NWC) presents students, and their families, with unique challenges and potential stress. When resident students experience difficulty with the stress of the academic environment or other problems, short-term counseling is also available through the Naval Station’s Fleet and Family Support Center, Mental Health Department at the Navy Medical Clinic, as well as the Social Work Department at the Newport Hospital.

NWC College of Distance Education (CDE) students in all programs are afforded the opportunity to contact their respective program managers, course division heads, or individual full-time and adjunct faculty for any academic or administrative questions or comments they may have. The CDE Washington, D.C. office has a full-time faculty member and administrative assistant who are responsible for conducting counseling and oversight of the seminars in that area. The Naval War College at the Naval Postgraduate School Program Office has a full time program manager and administrative support personnel who are available to all students enrolled in that program. Also, at our Fleet Seminar Program additional instructional locations there are liaison personnel who assist Fleet Seminar students with administrative requirements and book issue.