Gravely Group ARP

The VADM Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. Naval Warfare Research Group is an Advanced Research Program that provides resident students the opportunity to pursue year-long graduate research. Students are exposed to nascent and emerging technology-driven capabilities. Given their experience, students are able to complete tailored, graduate-level research to create operational and functional concepts. Research results are provided to the Fleet, program offices, and Joint Forces. Students represent all component services and often continue to pursue their research toward implementation after graduation. In addition to student research, Gravely Group directly supports fleet capability development, program office projects, and provides advice to systems commands.

The Gravely Group works on several naval capabilities and concepts.  The Gravely Group has directly supported several programs with workshops and tabletop exercises, including Distributed Lethality, Future Surface Combatant and unmanned systems.  The Gravely Group also provides support to Commanders of U.S. Pacific Command and U.S. Pacific Fleet, providing advice on innovative solutions in consultation with commanders and their staffs.  Additionally, the Gravely Group supports advancing the understanding of Integrated Air & Missile Defense and Anti-Submarine War.  

The Research Charter for the Gravely Group provides guidance along multiple lines of analysis, including:

  1. Research on evolving technologies, operational planning, and command and control concepts while education a cadre of Naval and Joint warrior-scholars.
  2. Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense, Undersea Warfare, Information Warfare, Distributed Lethality, and decision superiority.
  3. Operational and functional concepts to develop warfighting advantages in response to Navy and Joint Force challenges.
  4. Support to the Undersea Warfighting Development Center, and the Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center, including cross-discipline knowledge development.
  5. Support to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Unmanned Systems, Unmanned Systems Division (OPNAV 99), Naval Sea and Air Systems Command, and other Naval organizations to further develop warfighting capabilities.