Halsey Bravo ARP

The Halsey Bravo Group is a collaborative student-faculty research effort at the Naval War College that employs military operations research and free-play war gaming to gather insights into a potential future conflict, the Program uses manual war gaming, operations research and analysis to examine, over multiple iterations, how a medium-technology maritime conflict scenario might develop and unfold.

About The Halsey Bravo Research Group

In the Halsey Bravo Research Group program, students play all necessary roles of the game, adjudicate, assess, and analyze all combat interactions. The ensuing results, observations, and recommendations are regularly briefed to interested staffs and flag officers.  

During their year as members of Halsey Bravo students can expect to participate in the briefing of numerous flag officers, and have the opportunity to travel to the subject AOR and relevant commands and organizations as part of their research activities.