Issue: 2008 - Autumn

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A sampling of recent cover and poster art by the Graphic Arts Branch of the Naval War College’s Visual Communications Department. This by no means exhaustive selection suggests the scope and variety of the College’s publications and events, and it reflects the striking diversity and quality of the images that the College’s graphic artists and illustrators have produced to support them. Reading from the top, left to right, on the front cover: the Combined Force Maritime Component Commander Flag Course series (Course 08-2C was held in Naples, Italy, in July 2008); a China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) conference held in December 2007; the Naval War College Press Newport Paper monographs for 2008 (no. 33 in the series, pictured, is U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1980s: Selected Documents, edited by John B. Hattendorf and Peter M. Swartz, forthcoming as this goes to press); a December 2006 product of a long-term CMSI study; the Navy Title X War Game, known as Global ’08, held at the College in August 2008; the August 2007 Naval War College ethics conference, an ongoing program; Prof. Jeffrey H. Norwitz’s Armed Groups, which appeared in 2008; the June 2008 Current Strategy Forum; and the International Programs office’s next regional symposium, scheduled for October 2008 in Bahrain. On the back cover: a Jerome P. Levy conference held in February 2007; a war game at the College conducted in June 2008; a workshop held at the College in August 2008; the multicity, multiyear “Conversations with the Country” program; a conference held at the College in June 2008; and the Naval War College’s most recent graduation ceremony, on 20 June 2008.

Volume 61, Number 4

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