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Issue: 2001 - Autumn

PUBLICATIONS > Naval War College Review
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WHY WE FIGHT: At 9:03 a.m., a hijacked airliner strikes World Trade Center Tower Two in New York City as Tower One (right), struck eighteen minutes before, burns. Thirty-seven minutes later, a third hijacked airliner will strike the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.; at 10 a.m., a fourth will crash in Pennsylvania. At 8:30 that evening, President George W. Bush will speak to an for the nation: “Today, our fellow citizens, our way of live, our very freedom came under attack. . . . A great people has been moved to defend a great nation.”

On 20 September the president informed the world how it would do so: “Our response involves far more than instant retaliation. . . .”
The Naval War College’s new president, Rear Admiral Rodney P. Rempt (whose “President’s Forum” begins on page 7 [of the print edition]), has mobilized the institution to support the nation’s new war, with special studies, faculty task forces, symposia, and scholarship. An example of the latter is our lead article, by Professor Ahmed Hashim. Professor Robert Harkavy’s geostrategic study, though written before the events, speaks directly to issues that must now be squarely faced.
Chao Choi Sung, AP World Wide Photos. 

Volume 54, Number 4