Vol. # eBook Title
42   Navies and Soft Power: Historical Case Studies of Naval Power and the Nonuse of Military Force, edited by Bruce A. Elleman and S. C. M. Paine, Editors (2015)
41   Writing to Think: The Intellectual Journey of a Naval Career, by Robert C. Rubel (2014)
40   Commerce Raiding: Historical Case Studies, 1755-2009, edited by Bruce A. Elleman and S. C. M. Paine (2013)
39   Influence without Boots on the Ground: Seaborne Crisis Response, by Larissa Forster
38 eBook High Seas Buffer: The Taiwan Patrol Force, 1950-1979, by Bruce A. Elleman (2012)
37   Innovation in Carrier Aviation, by Thomas C. Hone, Norman Friedman, and Mark D. Mandeles (2011)
36   Defeating the U-Boat: Inventing Antisubmarine Warfare, by Jan S. Breemer (2010)
35   Piracy and Maritime Crime, edited by Bruce A. Elleman et al. (2010)
34   Somalia... From the Sea, by Gary J. Ohls (2009)
33   U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1980s: Selected Documents, edited by John B. Hattendorf and Peter M. Swartz (2008)
32   Major Naval Operations, by Milan Vego (2008)
31   Perspectives on Maritime Strategy: Essays from the Americas, edited by Paul D. Taylor (2008)
30   U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1970s: Selected Documents, edited by John Hattendorf (2007)
29   Shaping the Security Environment, edited by Derek S. Reveron (2007)
28   Waves of Hope: The U.S. Navy's Response to the Tsunami in Northern Indonesia, by Bruce A. Elleman (2007)
27   U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1990s: Selected Documents, edited by John Hattendorf (2006)
26   Carnes Lord, ed., Reposturing the Force: U.S. Overseas Presence in the Twenty-first Century (2006)
25   The Regulation of International Coercion: Legal Authorities and Political Constraints, by James P. Terry (2005)
24   Naval Power in the Twenty-first Century: A Naval War College Review Reader, edited by Peter Dombrowski (2005)
23   The Atlantic Crises: Britain, Europe and Parting from the United States, by William Hopkinson (2005)
22   China's Nuclear Force Modernization, edited by Lyle J. Goldstein, with Andrew S. Erickson (2005)
21   Latin American Security Challenges: A Collaborative Inquiry from North and South, edited by Paul D. Taylor (2004)
20   Global War Game: Second Series, 19841988, by Robert H. Gile (2004)
19   The Evolution of the U.S. Navy's Maritime Strategy, 19771986, by John Hattendorf (2004)
18   Transformation and the Defense Industry after Next: The Defense Industrial Implications of Network-Centric Warfare, by Peter J. Dombrowski, Eugene Gholz, and Andrew L. Ross (2003)
17   The Limits of Transformation: Officer Attitudes toward the Revolution in Military Affairs, by Thomas G. Mahnken and James R. FitzSimonds (2003)
16   The Third Battle: Innovation in the U.S. Navy's Silent Cold War Struggle with Soviet Submarines, by Owen R. Cote, Jr. (2003)
15   International Law and Naval War: The Effect of Marine Safety and Pollution Conventions during International Armed Conflict, by Sonja Ann Jozef Boelaert-Suominen (2000)
14   Theater Ballistic Missile Defense from the Sea: Issues for the Maritime Component Commander, by Charles C. Swicker (1998)
13   Sailing New Seas, by J. Paul Reason, with David G. Freymann (1998)
12   What Color Helmet? Reforming Security Council Peacekeeping Mandates, by Myron H. Nordquist (1997)
11   The International Legal Ramifications of United States Counter-Proliferation Strategy: Problems and Prospects, by Frank Gibson Goldman (1997)
10   Chaos Theory: The Essentials for Military Applications, by Glenn R. James (1996)
09   A Doctrine Reader: The Navies of the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Spain, by James J. Tritten and Luigi Donolo (1995)
08   Physics and Metaphysics of Deterrence: The British Approach, by Myron A. Greenberg (1994)
07   Mission in the East: The Building of an Army in a Democracy in the New German States, by Mark E. Victorson (1994)
06   The Burden of Trafalgar: Decisive Battle and Naval Strategic Expectations on the Eve of the First World War, by Jan S. Breemer (1993)
05   Beyond Mahan: A Proposal for a U.S. Naval Strategy in the Twenty-First Century, by Gary W. Anderson (1993)
04   Global War Game: The First Five Years, by Bud Hay and Bob Gile (1993)
03   The “New” Law of the Sea and the Law of Armed Conflict at Sea, by Horace B. Robertson, Jr. (1992)
02   Toward a Pax Universalis: A Historical Critique of the National Military Strategy for the 1990s, by Gary W. Anderson (1992)
01   “Are We Beasts?” Churchill and the Moral Question of World War II “Area Bombing,” by Christopher C. Harmon (1991)
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