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The Naval War College Press edits and publishes the Naval War College Review, Newport Papers, the Historical Monograph Series, China Maritime Studies, and the Van Beuren Studies in Leadership and Ethics. The Press also provides publication and procurement support for works written and edited in various departments here at the Naval War College.

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Historical Monograph No. 24
The Naval War College Press recently published the twenty-fourth book in its Historical Monograph Series. Blue versus Purple: The U.S. Naval War College, the Soviet Union, and the New Enemy in the Pacific, 1946, by Hal M. Friedman, analyzes wargaming at the Naval War College during the fall semester of 1946 as the College shifted from viewing Japan as the Navy’s primary hypothetical enemy to viewing the Soviet Union as such, marking the transition from the Pacific War to the Cold War in the Pacific. Blue versus Purple asserts that this shift in the Naval War College’s focus can be traced in student wargaming. It provides Friedman’s detailed assessment of selected exercises and operations problems, and offers a nuanced view of how lessons of the Pacific War were brought forward—not only from the final victorious months but from the wartime experience as a whole—and tentatively applied them to the new hypothetical enemy.

Historical Monograph No. 24 and additional selected Press publications can be purchased through the Government Publishing Office.


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