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NEWPORT, R.I. - About two dozen instructors of the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) gained critical leadership skills during a “Situational Leadership” course in Simms Hall, Nov. 1-2.
NEWPORT, R.I. - Dr. Ron Campbell, president of Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), provides certification training to the class.Dr. Ron Campbell, president of Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), provided the certification training. The class uses a practical leadership model to show students how to match skill sets with professional outcomes. The model was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Paul Hersey, an industrial psyche researcher. He observed leader-follower relationships in the manufacturing sector, and also in a rocket science environment.
When he put the scientists in charge of the manufacturers, Hersey noticed the rocket scientists, while incredibly intelligent, did not have the appropriate skill sets to manage personnel.
Since then, Campbell developed a class to train students to observe hierarchies of skill sets, and a process by which a leader must identify a task, assess the readiness level of their team, and then match the necessary skill styles to their subordinates’ readiness levels.
The class gives senior enlisted personnel critical insight into management philosophy to make them more effective leaders.
Campbell comes to SEA with a wealth of education and experience: he holds two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and a PhD in fields related to organizations and management, in addition to over 20 years of consulting and training experience.
The Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) provides senior enlisted leaders education in communication skills, leadership and management, national security affairs, Navy programs, and physical fitness.
The SEA is the Navy's only professional military education institute for senior enlisted service members. Of the 1,200 students in attendance annually, the majority are active duty Navy personnel. Navy Reserve, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and International service members make up the remainder of the student population.