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From U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs
May 23, 2012

NEWPORT, R.I. - The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) community joined NWC President Rear Adm. John N. Christenson in recognizing outstanding faculty and staff at a command awards ceremony, on May 23.

The following awardees were recognized:

5 years of service:
Albert Shimkus - Associate Professor, National Security Affairs Department
Susan Cornacchia - Librarian, Library
Kevin McCranie - Associate Professor, Strategy & Policy Department
Brent Mulder - Laborer, Facilities
Shawn Burns - Associate Research Professor, War Gaming Department

20 years of service:
Kathleen Weber - Supervisory Librarian, Library

30 years of service:
David Couser - IT Specialist, Information Resources Department

Meritorious Civilian Service:
Donald Chisholm - Professor, Joint Military Operations Department

Junior Civilian of the Quarter:
Douglas Gilmore - Carpenter, Facilities

Senior Civilian of the Quarter:
Emilie Ting - Visual Information Specialist, Visual Communications Department

Air Medals:
AWO2 Douglas Blynn - Audio/Visual Assistant Leading Petty Officer, War Gaming Department

Combined Federal Campaign:
OS1 Brian Traupman - Enlisted Game Coordinator, War Gaming Department

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal:
YN2 Ashley Laws - Administrative Assistant, Administrative Services
OS2 Phillip Clos  - Enlisted Game Coordinator, War Gaming Department
OS1 Michael Kolb - Section Leader, War Gaming Department
OS1 James Covert - Enlisted Coordinator, War Gaming Department

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal:
YN2 Nicol Cosme - Leading Petty Officer, Administrative Services
Posted by Cmdr. Carla M. McCarthy
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