NEWPORT, R.I. (May 3, 2009) The city of Newport held their National Police Parade as part of an annual tradition to honor the service and sacrifice of police officers nationwide, May 3.  This year’s draw was well over 4000 participants and 180 units representing over 50 police departments.  
On this morning it rained, but as if on cue, the rain stopped falling just before the start of the parade and resumed only after the parade was complete; coincidentally, this is exactly what happened last year. It does seem fitting for an event that honors those who have fallen in the service of their community and their county, and for those who routinely put their lives on the line for our safety and well being. The morning rain, however, did not dampen the collective spirit of thousands of spectators who had lined the sidewalks and lawns from West Main Road in Middletown to Broadway in Newport who had come to review police units from around the region.
International Programs at the Naval War College was asked again to play an integral part in the parade this year. Lieutenant Hugo Goicoechea, Dominican Navy, Commandant Ashish Srivastava, Indian Coast Guard, and Lieutenant Commander Shaharul Amir Omar, Royal Malaysian Navy were the three judges selected for the parade. Also on the stand were numerous state and local politicians.
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