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From NWC Public Affairs
March 18, 2014

NEWPORT, R.I. -- The China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) at the U.S. Naval War College recently released the latest edition of the China Maritime Studies series.

Number 11 is entitled “China’s Near Seas Combat Capabilities” and includes eight chapters.

The China Maritime Studies are extended research projects that the editor, the Dean of Naval Warfare Studies, and the President of the Naval War College consider of particular interest to policy makers, scholars, and analysts.

Available online at, this issue includes:

  • Chinese Houbei Fast Attack Craft: Beyond Sea Denial by John Patch
  • Underwater TELs and China’s Antisubmarine Warfare: Evolving Strength and a Calculated Weakness by William S. Murray
  • China’s Second Artillery Force: Capabilities and Missions for the Near Seas by Ron Christman
  • Aerospace Power and China’s Counterstrike Doctrine in the Near Seas by Daniel J. Kostecka
  • Chinese Air Superiority in the Near by David Shlapak
  • Land- and Sea-Based C4ISR Infrastructure in China’s Near Seas by Eric D. Pedersen
  • Chinese Air- and Space-Based ISR: Integrating Aerospace Combat Capabilities over the Near Seas by Andrew S. Erickson
  • China’s Surface Fleet Trajectory: Implications for the U.S. Navy by Timothy A. Walton and Bryan McGrath
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