Lt. Col. Dee S. Rosser, Joint Military Operations Department (JMO), assisted the U.S. Pacific Command Theater Campaign Plan Development during December and January in Hawaii.  JMO provides assistance to combatant commanders in various aspects of joint military operations planning.

Cmdr. James Kraska, International Law Department (ILD), wrote an article, "Broken Taillight at Sea," which was published last year in the Ocean and Coastal Law Journal. This article was used by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) to complete the study, "Maritime Transport and Destabilizing Commodity Flows," and was published in Jan. 2012. On Jan. 9, the ILD sponsored a lecture of opportunity by SIPRI scholar and lead investigator of the report, Hugh Griffiths. Griffiths presented faculty and staff with a sneak preview of the findings of the study. ILD collaborates with SIPRI's maritime trafficking research program in order to develop stronger legal and policy responses to the threats, which include trafficking in illicit drugs, human migrants, and weapons of mass destruction.  

Professors Mike Schmitt and Dennis Mandsager, International Law Department (ILD), participated in the International Institute of Humanitarian Law's Training Advisory Group Workshop in Geneva, Jan. 25-27. The
Institute offers law of armed conflict training to over a thousand military attorneys and operators from around the world annually.  For many years, the Naval War College has provided faculty to the Institute's programs. This year, ILD will do so for six courses, as well as direct four of them: Targeting Law; Rules of Engagement; Maritime Security Operations; and the Law of Non-International Armed Conflict.

Lt. Col. George Cadwalader, International Law Department, participated in a human rights and law of armed conflict training seminar at the PÅ™erov Helicopter Base in the Czech Republic, Jan. 24-25.  Professor Cadwalader served as an adjunct faculty member for the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies.  He led discussions on the law of armed conflict and rules of engagement.
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