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By Tyler Will, NWC Public Affairs
Rear Adm. Steve Voetch, Director of the Navy International Program Office, recently recognized the Naval War College's (NWC) Cindy Martin, as an International Military Student Officer (IMSO) of the Year, at the annual Navy IMSO Workshop.
Martin is NWC's IMSO for International Programs, assisting students for the Naval Command College and Naval Staff College.
"It was rather shocking," Martin said about getting the award. "It was humbling. Because this is definitely a team effort, you have to work as a team to make this happen."
As IMSO, Martin is responsible for the administration of all NWC's international officers and their families. Her responsibilities include working with OPNAV staff to prepare invitations, tracking responses to
invitations and issuing orders, managing sponsors, tracking student travel and orientation events, in addition to paying for housing and medical arrangements, and graduation and departure from NWC.
Feedback from the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity (NETSAFA) country managers and leadership praised Martin's professionalism, responsiveness and performance. NETSAFA is the U.S. Navy's agent for Navy education and training.
The criteria for selection for this award includes student throughput; administration of international military students in compliance with instructions; extraordinary efforts in coordinating with and educating staff
and support personnel; creativity, thoroughness and effectiveness of the Field Studies Program; assistance provided to other IMSOs; personal interface and effectiveness when managing issues facing international
military students and their family members; and initiative.
"Because she interacts with the international students at the two most important times, when they arrive and when they depart, her contributions are invaluable to assisting with the transition of the new class," said Dean
of International Programs Vincent Mocini. "With over 120 students each year, this requires an incredible amount of individual effort and attention to detail."