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NEWPORT, R.I. – A unique collection of paintings of contemporary Navy art created by noted marine artist Wilma Parker was opened to the public at the Naval War College (NWC) Museum on August 4. Approximately 50 people attended the reception to view the exhibit “Painting the Navy.”
Parker is recognized for her paintings of the sea and sea services and was a recipient of the George Grey Award. Her work depicts the ships, men and women who served on the ships, children and family of sailors, and forces of nature found in the maritime world.
“It’s very rare that you actually get to see contemporary Navy art,” said Rear Adm. Phil Wisecup, president of the Naval War College. “We owe a special thanks to her for loaning us these pieces.”
NEWPORT, R.I. (August 5, 2010) Dr. John Hattendorf, director of the Naval War College Museum, and Rear Adm. Phil Wisecup view a painting during the opening of the Wilma Parker Art Exhibit at the museum. The exhibit, supported by the Naval War College Foundation, showcases paintings that depict contemporary Navy art. The collection will be on display from August 4 through November 30. (Photo by David Reese)Her paintings for the Navy include the large allegorical work “Homecoming NAS Alameda” that commemorated the closure of the air station. Additional paintings by the artist commissioned by the Navy include “Launch of the Springfield” and “Violet Sea.”
The collection of 18 paintings will be on display from August 4 through November 30 of this year. The exhibit is made possible through the support of the Naval War College Foundation and the museum.
“The Naval War College Museum is delighted to be able to exhibit Wilma Parker's works of modern naval art,” said Dr. John Hattendorf, director of the museum. “Her vibrant paintings effectively capture the essence of a whole range of colorful aspects of the modern U.S. Navy including aircraft, submarines and surface ships as well as naval men, women and their families.”

The museum’s permanent exhibits include artifacts from the Revolutionary War, Perry Family in Newport, United States Naval Academy in Newport, Torpedo Station, Naval War College, and the various naval activities in the Narragansett Bar region. The museum also strives to bring temporary exhibits that will inspire and be of interest to all visitors.

The museum serves to interpret the history of the Navy and Narragansett Bay. It is located in Founders Hall, the original site of the college and it is a National Historic Landmark. The museum’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and weekends and holidays from noon to 4:30 p.m.