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The Naval War College Press publishes the quarterly Naval War College Review, the Newport Papers monograph series, and books, including the Historical Monographs and Policy Studies series.  The Press also provides editorial and production support for the China Maritime Studies series.  


President, Naval War College

Rear Adm. Walter E. Carter, Jr., USN


Amb. Mary Ann Peters

Dean of Academics

John F. Garofano

Dean of Naval War Studies

Robert C. Rubel

NWC Press Advisory Board

Adam Bellow
Capt. Wayne P. Hughes, USN (Ret.)
Jeffrey Kline
Gale A. Mattox
Robert A. Silano
Marin Strmecki
Dov S. Zakheim

Naval War College Review Editorial Board

Donald Chisholm
Audrey Kurth Cronin
Peter Dombrowski
Stephen Downes-Martin
Col. Theodore L. Gatchel, USMC (Ret.)
James R. Holmes
William C. Martel
Col. Mackubin Owens, USMC (Ret.)
Cdr. Derek S. Reveron, USN
Michael Schmitt
Capt. Peter M. Swartz, USN (Ret.)
Capt. David Teska, USCGR
Scott C. Truver
James J. Wirtz

NWC Press

Director: Carnes Lord
Managing Editor: Pelham G. Boyer
Book Review Editor: Phyllis P. Winkler
Secretary and Circulation Manager: Lori A. Almeida
Editor Emeritus: Frank Uhlig, Jr.