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NEWPORT, R.I. -- Students from the Naval Command College, Class of 2010, wore traditional clothing and prepared culinary samples from their countries to share with their fellow students, sponsors, and Naval War College faculty and staff at International Night on March 11.

Each year the Naval War College brings 100 to 150 international officers to the U.S. from around the globe. They study strategy, warfare, decision making and operational art. Equally important, they learn how the United States works as a country through the field studies program. Each officer is greatly influenced by what they see and learn while in the U.S. Each one forms strong bonds with their U.S. and international classmates. They maintain these professional and fraternal ties, remaining in contact for the rest of their lives.  International Night is one way students share their cultural heritage with each other.

Photos by MCC (AW/NAC) Robert Inverso

CAPT Tatsuya Fukuda and his wife Miyuki start to get their food ready for International Night.

CDR Juan Ortiz Munoz and his wife Paula, from Columbia.

CDR Pablo Niemann and wife Daniela, Chile. Also in photo in hockey gear - CAPT Bob Auchterlonie, Canada.

CAPT Krishna Swaminathan and wife Laila, India.  On the far left, COL Hinsa Tobing, Indonesia.

CAPT Fab Asante, Ghana.

COL Oqleh Zboun and family, Jordan