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Core Curriculum

The Naval War College has three core teaching departments: Strategy and Policy, National Security Affairs, and Joint Military Operations, each with separate faculty. Each department teaches one intermediate level course (ILC) and one senior level course (SLC).

Naval War College (NWC) Education

NWC education provides a framework in which military and civilian leaders gain a profound understanding of strategy and operations, as well as the ability to think critically, deal with uncertainty and surprise, be proficient in joint matters, comprehend the security environment, and all elements of national power. The College achieves this through the combined efforts of its three core academic departments - National Security Affairs, Joint Military Operations, Strategy and Policy - and through the College of Distance Education, the Maritime Advanced Warfighting School, the electives program, and focused conferences and lectures. The ten month curriculum for resident students is divided into trimesters of three to four months.

Joint Military Operations (JMO) Curriculum

The Joint Military Operations curriculum focuses on the joint war fighting at the theater-strategic and operational levels of war. The JMO course prepares future military and civilian leaders for high-level policy, command, and staff positions requiring joint planning expertise and joint warfighting skills.

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National Security Decision Making (NSDM) Curriculum

The National Security Affairs (NSA) curriculum provides a broad, interdisciplinary foundation in contemporary security studies including the areas of international relations, regional studies, foreign policy analysis, and decision-making. Our course concludes with students conducting a structured assessment designed to develop national strategies for the “military after next.”

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Strategy and Policy (S&P) Curriculum

The Strategy and Policy curriculum teaches students to think strategically and prepares them for positions of strategic leadership. Strategy is the relationship between war’s purpose, objective, and means.

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Additional Offerings

Research & Study Groups

The Naval War College offers several special programs that provide opportunities for you to conduct advanced research at the college.

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Graduate Certificate in Ethics & Emerging Military Technology

The Certificate program is designed to deepen expertise in the ethical complexities imposed by new technology.

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Advanced Strategist Program

NWC designed the Advanced Strategist Program to produce such a cadre of officers educated in the study and application of Naval Strategy.

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News, Media, & Events


Professional Military Education and the Cyber Domain Workshop

Jan. 17, 2019
8:00 a.m.
Mahan Hall, U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841

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Jan. 16, 2019
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