• What is the Graduate Degree Program (GDP)?
The Graduate Degree Program is a College of Distance Education-administered program that allows students enrolled in the Fleet Seminar Program to continue with their graduate studies and obtain the Naval War College’s Master of Arts Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies.
  • Who is eligible for the GDP program?
All students who are eligible for, and have enrolled in, the Fleet Seminar Program are eligible to apply for the GDP after they have successfully completed their first Fleet Seminar core course (S&P, JMO, or NSDM), with a grade of B- or better. Students may not apply for the GDP prior to the completion of their first core course.
  • Will I have to take additional courses beyond the three core course offered in CDE's Fleet Seminar Program -- Strategy & Policy (S&P), National Security Decision Making (NSDM), and Joint Maritime Operations (JMO)?
Yes. In addition to the three core courses, you will have to complete an additional 9 graduate semester hours to meet the Master's Degree requirement of 30 graduate semester hours. These elective courses may be taken through any regionally accredited university, including on-line universities.
Elective course selections must satisfy the requirements of any one of the Naval War College-approved "Areas of Study." Course selections must be pre-approved by the GDP Program Manager. When ready, submit your course for approval using the online Request for Approval of Elective Course form.
  • Are there any special requirements with regards to elective courses?
Yes. All students admitted to the Graduate Degree Program beginning in AY 2006-2007 (i.e. after 1 Sep 2006) are required to select electives that satisfy one of the Naval War College-approved Areas of Study (AOS). These AOS’s are designed to produce specific skill sets deemed critical by the Navy, and will be reflected on the students Naval War College transcript. Naval Officers will also receive an Additional Qualification Designator (AQD). Currently, there are 12 AOSs open to non-resident Graduate Degree Program students:
1.     Greater Middle East
2.     Asia-Pacific
3.     Western Hemisphere (Latin America)
4.     EURASIA
5.     Africa
6.     Executive Analysis for Warfare Commander (Newport only)
7.     Enterprise Strategic Planning
8.     Strategy, Operations and Military History (Non-USN only)
9.     Information Operations (formerly Information Operations, Command & Control, and Battlespace Awareness)
10.   Irregular Warfare (formerly Insurgency & Terrorism)
11.   Leadership and Ethics
12.   Homeland Security/Homeland Defense
  • How do I apply for the GDP program?
The application form for the GDP program is on our web site. In addition to the basic application, students will be required to provide two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a NWC professor) and official transcripts documenting previous academic work.
  • Will the graduate degree be open to web course students? Will I be able to mix web courses and Fleet seminar courses to obtain the graduate degree?
Not as presently designed. The web course content in S&P and NSDM is reduced from the content of these courses offered in the Fleet Seminar Program. The main focus of the web course program is to give the students a strong conceptual knowledge of the Naval War College Command & Staff curriculum, meet the requirements for JPME Phase I, and provide students the option of finishing the program with a CDE diploma within 18 months. Because of this, the Graduate Degree Program is open only to those students who have taken all three courses through the Fleet Seminar Program. You can, however, still complete Phase 1 JPME certification and earn a Naval War College, College of Distance Education Diploma by combining web and seminar courses.
  • Is there a residency requirement for the Graduate Degree Program?
  • Is there a time limit to complete the requirements for the Graduate Degree Program?
Yes. All courses applied towards the Naval War College degree, including electives, must be completed within a seven year period. 
  • Who may I contact to get answers?
The Graduate Degree Program guide is currently being revised and updated.  If you have specific questions please feel free to get in touch with the Graduate Degree Program office by e-mail at GDP@usnwc.edu or by telephone DSN 841-3898, commercial 401 841-3898.
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