Visitor Services

Individuals not affiliated with the Naval War College that wish to visit the Henry E. Eccles Library will need to contact the library in advance for approval.

Learning Commons located in the main building of Naval War College

Visiting Information

Heightened security protocol is in place at the Naval War College. Due to this heightened security, visitor's cannot freely access the library. In order to pass through the security checkpoints each visitor must be on a list at the gates and present a valid photo ID. While visiting the Naval War College Library located in the Learning Commons in Hewitt Hall, you must first check in with Security located in Conolly Hall. A valid photo ID must also be shown here to proceed.

All Visitors must sign in at the Circulation Desk, obtain a Library Visitor Badge, and wear this badge at all times while in the Library. The Naval War College requires proper, professional attire at all times, jeans, shorts, jogging suits, etc. are not acceptable attire for visitors. Visitors who are not wearing proper attire may be denied admittance to NWC and the Library.

Visitor Application

A library visitor application form is required in advance of your visit.

Download Visitor Application

Directions & Visiting Information

For more information on directions to U.S. Naval War College and accessing the base please visit our Directions and Visiting Information page.

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