For Alumni & Distance Education

College of Distance Education (CDE) students can access subscription databases from off-campus but authentication is required. Naval War College (NWC) alumni that have an active DOD Computer Access Card (CAC), may register to access a subset of library databases for NWC alumni.

The Writing Center found within Learning Commons

Alumni and Distance Education Services

Access to lectures, student papers, and the interlibrary loan request forms require NWC CAC authentication for off-campus access. Additionally these services may not work properly with a browser other than Internet Explorer. Authorized NWC users (resident or CDE students, faculty and staff) can also access subscription databases from off-campus. Your authentication will stay active until you logout of your browser session, allowing you to easily access any of our subscription databases. Please contact a Reference Librarian if you need further assistance or email

Off Campus Research

The Naval War College purchases licenses to provide access to these online resources and authentication is required. When you open a database link from our list of subscribed databases, the authentication screen shown below will appear. Login using EITHER CAC authentication (using your email certificate) or your NWC BlackBoard username and password.

NWC Alumni that have an active CAC, may register to access a subset of library databases at Lifelong Learning Resources for NWC Alumni. For further assistance with alumni access, email

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Lifelong Learning Resource

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