The Fleet Seminar Program is offered on an academic year basis, commencing in early September and ending in mid-May. The three core courses, Theater Security Decision Making (TSDM), Strategy and War (S&W), and Joint Maritime Operations (JMO) are offered although not all courses are offered at all locations every year.  Seminars and locations for academic year 2017 – 2018 are:
California, Port Hueneme - TSDM (Tues)
California, San Diego – JMO (Wed, Thurs), S&W (Thurs), and TSDM (Tues, Wed)
Washington, D.C.:
  • Capital Hill– JMO, S&W, and TSDM (all are Monday only)
  • GAO - JMO (Tues), S&W (Wed), TSDM (Wed)
  • Navy Yard - JMO (Wed, Thurs), S&W (Tues, Wed), TSDM (Tues, Wed)
  • Pentagon - JMO (Wed), S&W (Thurs), TSDM (Tues)
  • Henderson Hall - TSDM (Wed)
  • Center for Naval Analysis - JMO (Tues), S&W (Thurs)
Florida, Jacksonville – TSDM (Tues) and JMO (Wed)
Florida, Mayport – S&W (Thurs)
Florida, Pensacola (Whiting Field) - JMO (Tues)
Hawaii, Pearl Harbor – JMO (Thurs), S&W (Wed), and TSDM (Tues)
Illinois, Great Lakes – TSDM (Tues)
Louisiana, New Orleans – JMO 
Maryland, Annapolis – JMO (Thurs), S&W (Tues, Wed), and TSDM (Tues, Wed)
Maryland, Patuxent River – TSDM
Rhode Island, Newport – JMO (Thurs), S&W (Tues), and TSDM (Wed, Thurs)
Tennessee, Millington – S&W (Wed)
Texas, Fort Worth – S&W (Tues)
Virginia, Dahlgren – JMO (Wed)
Virginia, Norfolk – JMO (Tues, Wed), S&W (Tues, Thurs), and TSDM (Wed)
Washington, Bangor – TSDM (Tues)
Washington, Everett – S&W (Wed)
Washington, Whidbey Island - JMO (Thurs)

Applicants are enrolled in seminars consisting of no more than 18 students. Each academic year is a separate enrollment event and continuing students must apply for enrollment in subsequent courses. Enrollment is open to eligible active and reserve officers in the Sea Services (Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) in the grade of O-3 and above. Active and reserve officers in other military services must be in the grade of O-4 and above to be eligible. Federal civilian employees  in the grade of GS-11 and equivalent or above are also eligible.  Contracted personnel are not eligible. Through CNO agreement, selected staff members in the federal Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches are also eligible. All applicants must possess a Baccalaureate Degree (preferably from a regionally accredited institution). Seminars meet one evening per week (34 times per year) for 3 hours per night from nominally the first week in September through the third week in May, under the direction of a Naval War College adjunct faculty member. From time to time, formal presentations are delivered by resident faculty members from Newport and by visiting professors from colleges and universities around the world. The seminars are conducted at the graduate level and require appropriate initiative, research, writing, and oral commentary on the part of each student. Students must coordinate and arrange for absences and delays with the faculty member in advance. Students are advised that all delinquencies must be resolved prior to the end of the academic year. Students unable to meet that deadline must request an extension, in advance, from the Director, College of Distance Education. All work not completed before classes end must be submitted to the College of Distance Education for processing in Newport. In no event will an extension be granted beyond 1 August. No student with an "Incomplete" grade will be allowed to reenroll until the "Incomplete" is eliminated. A student unable to complete a course may receive credit for that work successfully completed. On a case basis, students may be enrolled in a subsequent academic year at the point at which they were previously withdrawn from a course as long as they maintain eligibility.
All graduating students are invited to attend the Current Strategy Forum (CSF) held annually in Newport, Rhode Island during the week of graduation, as well as graduation and other graduation week events.

Graduate Hour Credits

The Naval War College Fleet Seminar Program is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and awards graduate credits, indicated below, for successful completion of the following fleet seminar courses (for enrollees subsequent to 1 March 1994): 

Strategy and War
7 Graduate Semester Hours
Theater Security Decision Making
7 Graduate Semester Hours
Joint Maritime Operations
7 Graduate Semester Hours


Enrollment Procedures

The application for the Fleet Seminar Program is an online application. The application period for Academic Year 2017-18 opens on 1 April 2017 and closes on 02 June 2017 for classes that begin the week of 4 September 2017.  Review the Fleet Seminar Program overview above to ensure you are eligible for the program. The Fleet Seminar Program application is a multi-step process. Initial application submissions are reviewed to determine program eligibility. Following initial review, applicants will receive, via e-mail, instructions which will enable them to indicate course preferences. Please note that changes to personal information provided after initial application submission may result in additional eligibility review requirements. Enrollment selections will be made by NWC beginning in June. Enrollment selection notifications will be made by mid-July for Fleet Seminar Program classes which will begin the week of 04 September 2017. Applications will remain under consideration for possible enrollment until the end of the add/drop period on 14 September 2017.
FSP students will be enrolled in only one course their first year.  It normally takes three years to complete all three core courses.  Each course requires 6-12 hours of time outside the classroom to prepare for class and complete the written requirements.  Students can request to enroll in two courses (dual-enroll) their second year, although it is not recommended due to the heavy academic workload that it entails.  Placement in a second course also is dependent on seat availability once all eligible students are seated in a course.

*Note: Effective 15 April 2016, a Federal Government Issued PKI token card or a Common Access Card (CAC) is required to login to the Naval War College Student Information System.  Currently only active-duty military and Coast Guard and DoD civilian employees with CACs can access the system. Continuing students should use the appropriate quick-link at the upper right to request a course for AY 2017-18 beginning 1 April.  


The College provides all study materials to the student on a loan bases. Students will receive information on procedures for receipt of materials when they are notified of their enrollment. Students will receive return labels with their shipments to return their books, and also by email at the end of the course. 

Students will be billed for replacement of unreturned materials and no student will receive credit for a course until all materials have been returned. Many students wish to purchase their course materials, however, regulations preclude direct purchase of this government property. Most books are available online or bookstores.



Comm: (401) 841-6520/19    DSN: 841-6520/19
FAX: (401) 841-2457

Note: Enrollment and subsequent administrative forms request certain information from potential students to facilitate enrollment or other processing in connection with program administration. Students are expected to keep the College informed regarding changes in their eligibility status, current address, phone number(s), e-mail address, parent command, and current CO/supervisor contact information.


Course Withdrawals

Withdrawal may be either voluntary or involuntary.
  • Students are encouraged to withdraw voluntarily when the constraints of time and circumstance preclude course completion. Requests should be in writing to the Program Manager in Newport (e-mail is sufficient) briefly stating the reasons for requesting withdrawal. These reasons for withdrawal are helpful in the review of administrative procedures and course content. Such withdrawals are without prejudice.
  • Involuntary withdrawals are initiated by the Naval War College as a result of student failure to meet deadlines or academic standards, fulfill attendance obligations, or (on a case basis) maintain eligibility.
  • Prompt return of books and compliance with course deadlines is essential to ensure adequate availability of course materials for other students.


  • A student who voluntarily withdraws will be given consideration for reenrollment upon receipt of a written request.
  • In those cases of involuntary withdrawal, each request will be considered on its own merits. Reenrollment requests in this case must be by letter to the Director, College of Distance Education, U. S. Naval War College, including an explanation of circumstances involved.
  • In either case, credit may be given for satisfactorily completed prior work unless there has been a substantial revision in the interim, or an extensive delay since withdrawal.



For classroom information only, contact the following:

Annapolis, MD, at (410) 293-6580/DSN 281
Kitsap, WA, at (360) 315-3565/ DSN 744
Dahlgren, VA, at (540) 653-8032/ DSN 249
JRB Fort Worth, TX, at (817)782-1676/1804/ DSN 739
Everett, WA, at (425) 304-3719/ DSN 727
Great Lakes, IL, at (847) 688-3869 ext. 387/ DSN 792
Jacksonville, FL, at (401) 841-1207/ DSN 841
Mayport, FL, at (904) 270-6344 ext. 3084/ DSN 270
Millington, TN, at (901) 874-4100/ DSN 882
New Orleans, LA, at (504) 697-2633/ DSN 647
Newport, RI, at (401) 841-1207/ DSN 841
Norfolk, VA, at (757) 822-7702 (Commercial only)
Patuxent River, MD, at (301) 757-4111/ DSN 757
Pearl Harbor, HI, at (401) 841-6520/ DSN 841
Pensacola, FL (Whiting Field), at (850)623-7792/ DSN 459
Port Hueneme, CA, at (805) 228-6373/ DSN 296
San Diego, CA, at (619)556-8328/ DSN 526
Washington, DC. at (202) 433-6218/ DSN 288
Whidbey Island, WA, at (360) 257-2979/DSN 820

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