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College of Maritime Operational Warfare

U.S. Naval War College is committed to preparing you for the ever-evolving ethical and tactical challenges facing today’s naval officers. The College of Maritime Operational Warfare aims to improve the capability of Navy commanders to lead maritime, joint, and multinational forces as well as improve the capability of Navy staff members to plan, execute, assess and to function cohesively as a maritime operations center. The faculty is focused on supporting combat readiness at the operational level of warfare.

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College of Maritime Operational Warfare Programs

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International Maritime Staff Operators Course

This 12-week course introduces international naval officers to fundamental concepts and processes necessary to support multinational maritime operations. This program helps strengthen alliances between navies.

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Assist and Assessment Teams

NWC’s Assist and Assess teams provide on-site training programs and operational support to fleet staffs at various maritime operations centers.

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Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Programs

COSL partners with a variety of universities, non-governmental organizations, and humanitarian organizations to advance civilian-military coordination during natural disasters through training, exercises, and forums.

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College of Maritime Operational Warfare

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