Joint Maritime Operations

The Joint Maritime Operations (JMO) Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase I Course is an in-depth study of the operational level of war throughout the range of military operations.

Students in class at Naval War College

JMO meets the Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP) requirements and complements the learning objectives of the Theater Security and Decision Making (TSDM) and Strategy and War (S&W) curricula. Where TSDM and S&W emphasize our national military strategy development as well as a nation’s imperative for matching strategic goals to policy, using historical and current case studies, JMO is a practitioner’s course which prepares students to excel in the operational arena and to excel through effective operational planning and joint force application to achieve appropriate military objectives. Although maritime and sea service contributions are emphasized, all Services’ capabilities are studied with ultimate focus on joint operations from the combatant and joint task force commander levels. Via extensive study of numerous case studies, the JMO student is challenged with four enduring questions from the perspective of a joint task force commander and his staff planners:

  • What conditions are required to achieve the objectives? (Ends)
  • What sequence of actions is most likely to create these conditions? (Ways)
  • What resources are required to accomplish that sequence of actions? (Means)
  • What is the likely cost or risk to the joint force in performing that sequence of actions?

The ability to answer these questions is the very essence of the Joint Maritime Operations course.