The NAVSTA Newport Housing Office is available to assist you with finding adequate housing for you and your family. We are available to provide information on both Privatized and Community Housing. Information on the privatized family housing (application forms and procedures, floor plans, photos, etc.) and our community housing program can be found at the NAVSTA Newport Housing Office website.

Community Housing Referral

The Housing Office maintains information on rentals via the DOD website. To customize a list of available properties in the private sector, visit For a complete referral package, contact the Housing Office at 401-841-2233/3576 or DSN 841-3576/2233. 

Leases and Deposits

Normally a one-year lease is required, but it is possible to rent on a monthly basis or short-term depending upon the particular rental. A security deposit equivalent to one month's rent is the common practice for the area. It is strongly advised that no military member sign a lease that does not contain a military clause. You are encouraged to have your lease agreement reviewed by the Housing Office or NWC Legal Office prior to signing it. 

Military and Civilian Students (Accompanied)

NAVSTA Newport housing is a privatized housing site partnered with Balfour Beatty Communities. Balfour Beatty Communities manages and maintains all family housing at NAVSTA Newport. All students transferring to the NWC interested in moving into privatized housing should contact the Housing Office at commercial 401-841-2233 or DSN 841-2232.


To apply for privatized family housing while attending the NWC, please submit to the following appropriate forms and documentation:

  • Navy: DD-1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing), Sex Offender Acknowledgement form, a copy of your orders and a copy of your page 2.
  • Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard: DD-1746, Sex Offender Acknowledgement form, a copy of your orders and a copy of your DEERS Enrollment Form (DD1172).
  • Air Force: DD-1746, Sex Offender Acknowledgement form and a copy of your orders (dependents should be listed on orders). This documentation should be submitted to the Housing Office via fax at 401-841-7138 or DSN 841-7138. You can also submit via email to

Geographic Bachelor (Military Students)

Due to ongoing construction and an influx of junior Sailors, there are no geographic bachelor CBQ quarters available for NWC students. There is an option for shared housing offered through Balfour Beatty, our public-private housing provider. For further information on this option, please contact the Housing Office, commercial 401-841-2233 or DSN 841-2232

Staff/Faculty after DUINS
Those students who are residing in privatized family housing and receive orders to NWC staff, or another command in the geographic area, and wish to remain in housing must contact the Housing Office.

Additional Information

Hospitality Kits
The Loan Locker, located in the Family Service Center, Building 1260, provides cots and "hospitality kits" (bed linens, blankets, dishes, coffeepot, silverware, etc.) for temporary use until household goods arrive. The Center is open from 0800 - 1630, Monday through Friday. Contact 401-841-2283 or DSN 841-2283 for more information.

Local Websites/Links
For more information on what is available in the local communities, to include points of contact for area schools and the New England area, please visit the Fleet and Family Readiness website.

Shipment of Personal Property/Storage of Excess Furniture
If you plan to occupy government quarters and are assured that quarters are available to you, it is suggested that you review the size of the accommodations to which you will be assigned, and ship only those household goods as can be accommodated in the unit. The units are small and you may need to store excess furniture. The Personal Property Office handling your shipments will counsel you on these entitlements.

In those cases where goods are shipped to this area and cannot be used in government quarters, members desiring non-temporary storage should contact the Personal Property Office to arrange for storage. Government funded non-temporary storage of excess household goods is only available to those residing in government quarters.

Delivery of Household Goods
To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience or personal hardship, please us at 401-841-4896 or DSN 841-4896 or prior to your arrival in Newport, detailing your arrival plans. Letters should be addressed to:

Inbound Division, Personal Property Office
690 Peary Street
Newport, RI 02841

Other Accommodations

Navy Lodge
Modern motel-type accommodations which will sleep five and include kitchen facilities are available in Newport on a temporary basis for authorized personnel and their dependents traveling on permanent change of station orders. Each unit has two double beds and a couch that can be converted into a single bed. Reservations may be made by calling 1-800-NAVY-INN or 401-849-4500. Pets, other than fish, birds in cages, or similar pets, are not allowed in the Navy Lodge


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