DA-31 Leave Form

During typical work periods with no scheduled classes, liberal leave is available for all who desire to take it. The deadline for submission of leave forms is typically 21 days out to allow adequate time for processing (Ft Jackson requires 10-14 days).

If you think you might go somewhere, put in the pass or leave form to be covered. As a reminder, leave is required if you travel beyond a 200-mile radius. Pass is required if you are within 200 miles. Otherwise, check-in is required.

For those staying in the local area and not on pass or leave, you will check-in via email, phone, or in person between 0900-1100 hours at the Army office here at the NWC. If you are taking leave or pass for a portion of the time, those dates not on leave or pass you will be required to check in with the Army officer here at the NWC.

Check-in email is dennis.sullivan@usnwc.edu, phone check-in number is 401-841-2134 (leave a message with your name, date, and time). If you are at the NWC, a sign-in roster will be posted on the door of room 212 in Spruance Hall.

In the event of an emergency or if you are unable to get ahold of the Senior Army Advisor (SAA), please contact the NWC Quarterdeck at 401-841-3089 or 401-841-1310.

All Leave, Passes, and Permissive TDY requests should be routed through the Army Administrative
Assistant at the NWC.

Students will complete a DA-31, and then provide it to the Army Administrative Assistant who will forward it to Ft Jackson for commander’s signature and assignment of a control number. Once complete, the Army Administrative Assistant will maintain a copy in the office and forward a signed copy to the requestor via e-mail.

Remember, leave must be submitted to the Army Administrative Assistant 21 days in advance, and to Ft
Jackson 10-14 days in advance. Overseas Leave requires 30 days in advance.

To sign-out/sign-in from leave, personnel should contact the Army Administrative Assistant . If signing
in on a weekend or after normal duty hours you may contact the Senior Army Advisor at 401-841-2134 for accountability. Please follow-up with the Army Administrative Assistant to finalize your DA-31 and
forward it to Ft Jackson Student Detachment for processing on the next duty day.
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