January 2016

Dear Incomming Student,

Congratulations on your selection to attend the U.S. Naval War College (USNWC), our Nation’s oldest war college. The USNWC enjoys a well-deserved reputation for intellectual challenge and academic excellence. Approximately one hundred Army students attend the U.S. Naval War College each year as part of a total student body of more than 550 U.S. and international students. The Naval War College has a rich and proud history.  The Navy considers the college "The Navy's Home of Thought".

Your selection reflects the Army's high expectations in you.  We expect you to continue in your predecessor' legacy for academic excellence here in Newport.  Several senor Army leaders are graduates of the Naval War College, to include the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Mark Milley.

The local area offers numerous activities for you and your family, regardless of the season.  Although your course of study will be demanding, many opportunities will occur for you to enjoy all that southern New England has to offer.  I am confident that you and your family will enjoy your assignment and will always look back fondly on your time in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Specific details on what you can expect upon arrival are available by clicking HERE. Read this information to facilitate a smooth transition.  While a student, you are assigned to the Army's Student Detachment at Fort Jackson.  This geographical separation makes in-processing more challenging.  This challenge will require you to be more diligent to ensure all your in-processing actions are done properly.  Once you have your orders, please contact the Army Administrative Assistant at 401-841-4795, or at desmondp@usnwc.edu.

Once again, welcome to the U.S. Naval War College! The Army faculty and staff look forward to your arrival and your joining the student body. We hope your year in Newport will be full of opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Dennis Sullivan
Colonel, U.S. Army
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