Global’08 marked the reinitiation of Navy Title X War Gaming, which is focused on examining combined, joint and maritime operations in order to identify the man, train and equip implications for the U.S. Navy.

Global ’08 was conducted 4-8 August 2008 at the Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island. The game focused on developing insights regarding the capabilities, capacities, and risks associated with implementation of the recently released U.S. Maritime Strategy: A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower (CS 21). 190 participants, including representatives from 19 foreign navies, were assigned to one of seven cells (six regional and one global), and were asked to “parachute” into one of four alternative futures and consider a series of questions dealing with security threats, maritime roles and tasks, concepts, and capabilities for responding to the challenges arising in these futures. Initially developed for the Navy Strategic Planning Process (NSPP), the four futures were functions of two primary drivers: extremism and resource rivalry. The futures were not intended to be either comprehensive or predictive.

The observations and insights from the game were organized around seven maritime themes which had relevance across all of the cells: These themes were:
- Maritime Security
- Persistent Maritime Presence
- Credible Combat Power
- Building Partnerships
- Humanitarian Assistance (HA) / Disaster Relief (DR)
- Shared Awareness
- Strategic Communications

For additional information regarding Global’08, please refer to either the Global’08 Executive Summary or Global'08 Game Report, which can be accessed from the following links:

Global'08 Executive Summary (PDF)
Global'08 Game Report (PDF)

Global’08 Points of Contact:
Game Director: Prof Don Marrin
(401) 841-2246, DSN 312-948-2246
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