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Gaming Articles in the Naval War College Review

Trends in Midern War Gaming: The Art of Conversation
Hank J. Brightman and Melissa K. Dewey. Winter 2014: 17-30.

Your Boss, Players, and Sponsor: The Three Witches of War Gaming

Stephen Downes-Martin. Winter 2014: 31-40.

Adjudication: The Diabolus in Machina of War Gaming
Stephen Downes-Martin. Summer 2013: 67-80.

German War Gaming
Milan Vego. Autumn 2012: 106-147.

Why Wargaming Works
Ed McGrady and Peter P. Perla. Summer 2011: 111-130.

The Epistemology of War Gaming
Robert Rubel. Spring 2006: 108-128.

War Gaming in the Information Age: Theory and Purpose
Paul Bracken and Martin Shubik. Spring 2001: 47-60

War-Gaming Network-Centric Warfare
CAPT Robert Rubel. Spring 2001: 61-74.

"Good Games": Challenges for the War-Gaming Community

Stuart H. Starr. Spring 2001: 89-97.

The Navy RMA War Game Series: April 1995-November 1996
CAPT Edward Smith. Autumn 1997: 17-31.

Reciprocal Disarmament: A Game Proposal
Malcolm Chalmers. Summer 1991: 58-74.

War Gaming at the Naval War College, 1969-1989
CAPT J. S. Hurlburt. Summer 1989: 46-51.

What is a War Game?
CAPT Frank Snyder. Autumn 1989: 47-54.

Being "Red": The Challenge of Taking the Soviet Side in War
David Rosenberg. Winter 1988: 81-93.

War Games, Analyses, & Exercises
Peter P. Perla. Spring 1987: 44-52.

War Gaming, an Enforcer of Strategic Realism: 1919-1942
Michael Vlahos. March-April 1986: 7-22.

What War Gaming Is and Is Not

Peter P. Perla and LCDR Raymond Barrett. September-October 1985: 70-78.

An Outline of Wargaming
CAPT Abe Greenberg. September-October 1981: 93-97.

War Gaming: Third Generation.
LCDR Abe Greenberg. March-April 1975: 71-75.

Action Styles and Management Game Performance: An Exploratory Consideration

James C Aller, John M. Roberts, and Quentin S. Meeker. June 1972: 65-81.

Urban Insurgency War Game
William F. Long, Jr. May 1969: 68-72.

Eighty Years of War Gaming
Francis J. McHugh. March 1969: 88-90.

War Gaming and the Navy Electronic Warfare Simulator
Francis J. McHugh. March 1967: 22-38

Limited War Gaming
Herbert Glazer. March 1965: 29-46.

Strategic War Gaming
Erwin Baumgarten. June 1961: 1-23.

Game Theory
Erwin Baumgarten. May 1961: 16-42.

Military Decision from the Viewpoint of Game Theory
CAPT Robert P. Beebe. October 1957: 27-76.