War-Gaming-photo-James.JPG  Paul James

   Senior Military Analyst
   War Gaming

        Phone: (401) 841-3303

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Mr. James is a retired Navy Commander with over 30 years of experience in air and missile defense. Currently serving at the Naval War College, he provides support to the Missile Defense Agency and Center for Surface Combat Systems. He is a recognized subject matter expert in maritime ballistic missile defense (BMD) having nearly two decades of experience in BMD planning, tactics and developing doctrine. He is the primary author of numerous BMD related publications including the Aegis BMD Operational Guides, Maritime Integrated Air and Missile Defense Planning and the Sea Based Terminal Concept of Employment.
Mr. James has extensive experience in joint experimentation and was a founding member of the US Navy Warfare Development Command. He has been an experiment lead in Fleet Battle Experiments, and authored the summary analysis reports for Fleet Battle Experiments Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel. He also helped develop and participated in numerous wargames and exercises including the Naval War College’s Global series, Terminal Fury, the US Army’s “Total Defender” missile defense wargames and Millennium Challenge.
While on active duty, Mr. James served on guided missile frigates, destroyers and cruisers and was designated as an Air Defense Technical Expert by the US Navy in 1993. On shore he served as head of air and missile defense experimentation at the Navy Warfare Development Command and as the Pacific Fleet Air and Missile Defense Officer. Additionally shore assignments included technical liaison at the US Department of State and as an instructor at the Surface Warfare Officers School. He is also the author of numerous professional articles published in the Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute and the Journal of the Institute for Joint Warfare Analysis.
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