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Welcome to the web site of the War Gaming Department of the Naval War College.  I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the oldest and most prestigious war gaming organization in the military.  We take great pride in the heritage of this department and we are committed to maintaining the high quality of war gaming for which the Naval War College has always been known.  Over the past several years we have undertaken a concerted effort to ensure our war games provide the highest quality results to our sponsors and users.  In doing so, we have developed procedures for design, execution, adjudication, and analysis that are some of the most refined that I have seen in over 25 years, since I developed my first military war game.  The department is comprised of a mix of civilian and officer faculty, contract analysts and subject matter experts, enlisted support personnel, and contract technicians.  This dedicated team is committed to providing focused war games to help our senior decision makers with some of their most challenging and complex problems.  In doing so, our team brings creativity and intellectual honesty to every project. 

Now, we intend to use this web site to highlight these achievements and advancements that we have made in the field or war gaming.  It is always a challenge trying to “get the word out” about what war gaming is, what war gaming can provide to the Navy and other national security organizations, and how to best use it to achieve the most value.  This web site is now being updated with our current unclassified game reports to share the work that we have done.  The site will also contain writings about varied aspects of war gaming from our faculty.  They are sharing their ideas, insights, and experience on war gaming so that those who visit the site can understand the intricacies of what it takes to build a war game from scratch.  Another interesting feature that I am very pleased to have on the web site is our new War Gamer’s Handbook.  This gives an excellent overview of how we create war games at the Naval War College.  The process that we have developed to do this is discussed in detail in this handbook and is useful not only for someone internal to the department, but it also provides the framework for anyone who is interested in developing a professional war game. 

The War Gaming Department has been and is involved in some of the most current and relevant topics for our Navy and military.  This upcoming year will be no different, with numerous service, joint, and international events on the schedule.  Starting off 2014 will be the Naval Services Game which is an effort between the Navy and Marine Corps to examine different force constructs.  While most of our war games are held in McCarty Little Hall on the Naval War College campus, our other event in January will be a war game held at Seventh Fleet to examine internal issues for command and control of integrated air and missile defense.  This will be followed by the 25th annual North West Pacific War game which is conducted between the US Navy and the Japanese Self Defense Forces.  In March, we will conduct a large two-sided war game examining warfighting options of the Littoral Combat Ship.  April brings a Maritime Homeland Defense War Game sponsored by NORTHCOM and PACOM as well as the DEGRE War Game on nuclear deterrence sponsored by STRATCOM.  May is an exciting month as well with the return of the 20-nation Operational Experts Group (OEG) and the Proliferation Security Initiative Game.  OSD sponsors this game, which is being conducted with the entire OEG for the first time since 2007.  This leads us into the summer time where we conduct our annual Title 10 Global War Game, which will examine aspects of the evolving Air Sea Battle Concept; and the second in the bi-annual series of UK-US Combined Operational War Games that were commissioned by the Chief of Naval Operations and the First Sea Lord. 

Intermixed with these analytical war games are educational events conducted twice a year for the Joint Military Operations Department students of both the College of Naval Warfare and College of Naval Command and Staff; seven war games for the Senior Enlisted Academy students; case studies for the Combined Force Maritime Component Commanders Flag Officers Course scheduled for Pacific Fleet, Sixth Fleet, and Fifth Fleet; and practical exercises/ROC Drills for the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander's Flag Officers Course—a warfighting course held in McCarty Little Hall.  To top off the educational aspect of the department, we offer several workshops and courses for our emerging and enduring international partners on how to conduct war games throughout the year. 

The War Gaming Department is committed to the goals of the Naval War College and equally proud of its position in its long and distinguished history.  This upcoming year should prove to be another chapter in this tradition.   

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