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The Seizure of Abu Anas Al-Libi: An International Law Assessment
Gordon Modarai, David O'Connell, Timothy Kelly and James Farrant

Seeking International Criminal Justice in Syria
Annika Jones

The Syrian Crisis and the Principle of Non-Refoulement
Mike Sanderson

The Syrian Intervention: Assessing the Possible International Law Justifications
Michael N. Schmitt

Arctic Climate Change and U.S. Accession to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Raul "Pete" Pedrozo

Precision Air Warfare and the Law of Armed Conflict
Christopher J. Markham and Michael N. Schmitt

Belligerent Targeting and the Invalidity of a Least Harmful Means Rule
Geoffrey S. Corn, Laurie R. Blank, Chris Jenks and Eric Talbot Jensen

Self-defensive Force against Cyber Attacks: Legal, Strategic and Political Dimensions
Matthew C. Waxman

Lawful Targets in Cyber Operations: Does the Principle of Distinction Apply?
Noam Lubell

Territorial Sovereignty and Neutrality in Cyberspace
Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg

The Role of Counterterrorism Law in Shaping ad Bellum Norms for Cyber Warfare
William Banks

Cyber Attacks: Proportionality and Precautions in Attack
Eric Talbot Jensen

Cyber War and International Law: Does the International Legal Process Constitute a Threat to U.S. Vital Interests?
John F. Murphy

Computer Network Operations and U.S. Domestic Law: An Overview
Robert M. Chesney

Classification of Cyber Conflict
Michael N. Schmitt

Organizing for Cyberspace Operations: Selected Issues
Paul Walker

Cyber Warriors in the Jus in Bello
Vijay M. Padmanabhan

The Road Ahead: Gaps, Leaks and Drips
Michael J. Glennon

Methods and Means of Cyber Warfare
William H. Boothby

International Law and Cyber Threats from Non-State Actors
Laurie R. Blank

Anticipatory Self-Defense in the Cyber Context
Terry D. Gill and Paul A. L. Ducheine

The Cyber Road Ahead: Merging Lanes and Legal Challenges
Kenneth Watkin

Keeping the Cyber Peace: International Legal Aspects of Cyber Activities in Peace Operations
Jann K. Kleffner and Heather A. Harrison Dinniss

Cyber Warfare: Implications for Non-international Armed Conflicts
Robin Geiss

Cyber War and International Law: Concluding Remarks at the 2012 Naval War College International Law Conference
Yoram Dinstein

The Law of Armed Conflict's "Wicked" Problem: Levee en Masse in Cyber Warfare
David Wallace and Shane R. Reeves

The Geography of Cyber Conflict: Through a Glass Darkly
Ashley Deeks

The Law of State Responsibility in Relation to Border Crossings: An Ignored Legal Paradigm
Louise Arimatsu

Networks in Non-International Armed Conflicts: Crossing Borders and Defining "Organized Armed Groups"
Peter Margulies

Geography of Armed Conflict: Why it is a Mistake to Fish for the Red Herring
Geoffrey S. Corn

Global Armed Conflict? The Threshold of Extraterritorial Non-International Armed Conflicts
Sasha Radin

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