Edited by Raul A. “Pete” Pedrozo, 2010
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Table Of Contents

Introduction and Preface

Regime Change and the Restoration of the Rule of Law in Iraq
Raid Juhi al-Saedi

Iraq and the “Fog of Law”
John F. Murphy

Legal Bases for Military Operations in Iraq
Raul A. “Pete” Pedrozo

Was the 2003 Invasion of Iraq Legal?
Andru E. Wall

Legal Bases for Coalition Combat Operations in Iraq, May 2003–Present
Alexandra Perina

The International Humanitarian Law Classification of Armed Conflicts in Iraq since 2003
David Turns

Legal Considerations in Relation to Maritime Operations against Iraq
Neil Brown

Come the Revolution: A Legal Perspective on Air Operations in Iraq since 2003
Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

The Iraq War: A Commander’s Perspective
Michael L. Oates

The “Fog of Law”: The Law of Armed Conflict in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Marc Warren

The Occupation of Iraq
Clyde J. Tate II

Occupation in Iraq: Issues on the Periphery and for the Future: A Rubik’s Cube Problem?
George K. Walker

The Occupation of Iraq: A Reassessment
Eyal Benvenisti and Guy Keinan

Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations: A New Approach to Legal Interpretation
Dale Stephens

Rule of Law Capacity Building in Iraq
Richard Pregent

The Dark Sides of Convergence: A Pro-civilian Critique of the Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Law in Armed Conflict
Naz K. Modirzadeh

Detention Operations in Iraq: A View from the Ground
Brian J. Bill

The Role of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Stability Operations
Laurent Colassis

Concluding Observations: The Influence of the Conflict in Iraq on International Law
Yoram Dinstein



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