Edited by Michael N. Schmitt, 2009
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Table of Contents

Introduction and Preface

Afghanistan and International Security
Adam Roberts

Terrorism and Afghanistan
Yoram Dinstein

International Legal Dynamics and the Design of Feasible Missions: The Case of Afghanistan
W. Michael Reisman

Afghanistan: Hard Choices and the Future of International Law
John F. Murphy

The International Legality of US Military Cross-Border Operations from Afghanistan into Pakistan
Sean D. Murphy

Legal Issues in Forming the Coalition
Alan Cole

Afghanistan and the Nature of Conflict
Charles Garraway

Making the Case for Conflict Bifurcation in Afghanistan: Transmational Armed Conflict, al Qaida, and the Limits of Associated Militia Concept
Geoffrey S. Corn

Law of War Issues in Ground Hostilities in Afghanistan
Gary D. Solis

W. Hays Parks

Targeting and International Humanitarian Law in Afghanistan
Michael N. Schmitt

The Law of Armed Conflict and Detention Operations in Afghanistan
Matthew C. Waxman

US Detention of Taliban Fighters: Some Legal Considerations
Stephane Ojeda

Rationales for Detention: Security Threats and Intelligence Value
Ryan Goodman

Jus ad Pacem in Bello? Afghanistan, Stability Operations, and the International Law Relating to Armed Conflicts
David Turns

Stability Operations: A Guiding Framework for "Small Wars" and Other Conflicts of the Twenty-First Century
Kenneth Watkin

The International Legal Framework for Stability Operations: When May International Forces Attack or Detain Someone in Afghanistan?
Marco Sassoli

Afghanistan Legal Lessons Learned: Army Rule of Law Operations
Eric Talbot Jensen and Amy M. Pomeroy

Is Human Rights Law of Any Relevance to Military Operations in Afghanistan?
Francoise J. Hampson

Human Rights Obligations, Armed Conflict, and Afghanistan: Looking Back Before Looking Ahead
Stephen Pomper



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