Edited by Michael D. Carsten, 2007
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Table of Contents

Foreword, Introduction, and Preface

Domestic Security and Maintenance of Liberty: Striking the Balance
Paul McHale

Command of the Commons Boasts: An Invitation to Lawfare?
Craig H. Allen

Global Commons and the Role for Intelligence
Lowell E. Jacoby

Maritime Domain Awareness: The Key to Maritime Security
Joseph L. Nimmich and Dana A. Goward

Threats from the Global Commons: Problems of Jurisdiction and Enforcement
Stuart Kaye

Preemption by Armed Force of Trans-boundary Terrorist Threats: The Russian Perspective
Bakhtiyar R. Tuzmukhamedov

Security in the Strait of Malacca and the Regional Maritime Security Initiative: Responses to the US Proposal
Yann-huei Song

Actual and Future Threats Emanating from the Commons: A Chilean Approach
Francisca Moller and Jorge Balaresque

Piercing the Fog: National Security, Media, and the Government
Harvey Rishikof

Military and the Media in Perspective: Finding the Necessary Balance
James P. Terry

National Security, the Law, and the Media: Shaping Public Perceptions
Linda Robinson

Luncheon Address International Legal Public Diplomacy
John B. Bellinger III

Strategic Communications and the Decline of US Soft Power
Gene E. Bigler

Strategic Communications and the Battle of Ideas
Mari K. Eder

Challenges of Strategic Communication
Michael A. Brown

Global Disasters: Pakistan's Experience
Ikram ul Haq

Australian Defence Force Experience with Non-Government Organizations in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations
Evan Carlin

Disaster Response: Key Legal Issues for US Northern Command
Kurt Johnson

The Law of International Disaster Response: Overview and Ramifications for Military Actors
David Fisher



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