Edited by Thomas McK. Sparks and Glenn M. Sulmasy, 2006
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Table of Contents

Foreword, Introduction, Preface

The International Dimensions of Homeland Security
Ryan P. Stiles

Comparative Approaches to Security and Maritime Border Control
Dale Stephens

European and German Security Policy and International Terrorism
Torsten Stein

The Proliferation Security Initiative: Security vs. Freedom of Navigation?
Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg

Limits on the Use of Force in maritime Operations in Support of WMD Counter-Proliferation Initiatives
Craig H. Allen

The Proliferation Security Initiative in the Maritime Domain
Stuart Kaye

Is There a "New" Law of Intervention and Occupation?
Leslie C. Green

Current Issues in Occupation Law: 2003 Civilian Deaths in Baghdad
Fred Abrahams

Treatment and Interrogation of Detained Persons
David E. Graham

Liberation and Occupation: A Commander's Perspective
Fabio Mini

Military Commissions: Old Laws for New Wars
William K. Lietzau

Military Commissions: Constitutional, Jurisdictional, and Due Process Requirements
Jordan J. Paust

Military Commissions - Kangaroo Courts?
Charles H. B. Garraway

Using Force Lawfully in the 21st Century
David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Lee A. Casey

The Gulf War: 1990-2004 (And Still Counting)
Yoram Dinstein

The Right of Self-Defense in the Global Fight Against Terrorism
Christoph Muller

The Legality of Operation Iraqi Freedom under International Law
Michael N. Schmitt

Debating the Issues
Kenneth Roth and Robert F. Turner



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