Edited by Michael N. Schmitt & Brian T. O'Donnell, 2002
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Table of Contents

Foreword, Introduction, and Preface

CNE and CNA in the Network-Centric Battlespace: Challenges for Operators and Lawyers
Arthur K. Cebrowski

Technology and Law: The Evolution of Digital Warfare
David Tubbs, Perry G. Luzwick, Walter Gary Sharp, Sr.

A Different Kettle of Fish: Computer Network Attack
Roger W. Barnett

Information Operations, Information Warfare, and Computer Network Attack: Their Relationship to National Security in the Information Age
Daniel T. Kuehl

International Law, Cybernetics, and Cyberspace
Anthony D'Amato

Computer Network Attack as a Use of Force under Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter
Daniel B. Silver

Computer Network Attacks and Self-Defense
Yoram Dinstein

Self-Defense against Computer Network Attack under International Law
Horace B. Robertson, Jr.

Computer Networks, Proportionality, and Military Operations
James H. Doyle, Jr.

Some Thoughts on Computer Network Attack and the International Law of Armed Conflict
Louise Doswald-Beck

Wired Warfare: Computer Network Attack and the Jus in Bello
Michael N. Schmitt

Proportionality, Cyberwar, and the Law of War
Ruth G. Wedgwood

Neutrality and Information Warfare
George K. Walker

Information Operations in the Space Law Arena: Science Fiction Becomes Reality
Douglas S. Anderson and Christopher R. Dooley

Fourth Dimensional Intelligence: Thoughts on Espionage, Law, and Cyberspace
David M. Crane

Computer Network Attacks by Terrorists: Some Legal Dimensions
John F. Murphy

Meeting the Challenge of Cyberterrorism: Defining the Military Role in a Democracy
Charles J. Dunlap

"Weapons like to Lightning": US Information Operations and US Treaty Obligations
Jeffrey H. Smith and Gordon N. Lederman

International Law of Armed Conflict and Computer Network Attack: Developing the Rules of Engagement
Brian T. O'Donnell and James C. Kraska

Responding to Attacks on Critical Computer Infrastructure: What Targets? What Rules of Engagement?
James P. Terry

Is It Time for a Treaty on Information Warfare?
Philip A. Johnson




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