Edited by Michael N. Schmitt and Leslie C. Green, 1998
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Table of Contents

Foreword and Introduction

Rear Admiral Charles H. Stockton, the Naval War College, and the Law of Naval Warfare
John Hattendorf

Megatrends in the Use of Force
Anthony D'Amato

The Universality Principle and War Crimes
Yoram Dinstein

Implementation of Internaitonal Humanitiarian Law in Future Wars
Louise Doswald-Beck

The Development of the Law of Armed Conflict through the Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
William Fenrick

The Role of Individuals in International Humanitiarian Law and Challenges for States in Its Development
Dieter Fleck

What Is - Why Is There - the Law of War?
Leslie Green

The Law of Weaponry at the Start of the New Millennium
Christopher Greenwood

Nongovernmental Organizations in Situations of Conflict: The Negotiation of Change
Francoise Hampson

The Law of Naval Warfare and International Straits
Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg

Some Thoughts on Ideas That Gave Rise to International Humanitarian Law
Geza Herczegh

An Optimist Looks at the Law of War in the Twenty-First Century
Howard Levie

War Crimes Law for the Twenty-First Century
Theodor Meron

Nongovernmental Organizations and International Humanitarian Law
Ved Nanda

Implementation of the Laws of War in Late-Twentieth-Century Conflicts
Adam Roberts

Bellum Americanum: The U.S. View of Twenty-First-Century War and Its Possible Implications for the Law of Armed Conflict
Michael Schmitt

The Development of International Law with Respect to the Law Enforcement Roles of Navies and Coast Guards in Peacetime
Ivan Shearer

The Law of Economic Sanctions
Paul Szasz

The International Criminal Tribunal and Subpoenas for State Documents
Ruth Wedgwood

Military Activities on the High Seas: What are the Impacts of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea?
Rudiger Wolfrum



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